Spinach-Choco Mousse

  Here’s a great way to get your kids eat spinach and avocado 😉  – Spinach Choco Mousse   Studies have shown that spinach helps maintain your active brain function, memory and mental clarity.   Spinach contains a lot of iron, but it also contains oxalic acid, which blocks the absorption of iron, calcium and… Continue Reading

Are You Eating This Cancer-Fighting Veggie?

  Diet is the best tool we have to protect ourselves from diseases and gain optimal health.   This delicious, cruciferous veggie is well-known for its cancer-preventing powers; Broccoli is number one on the National Cancer Institute’s list of nutrition all-stars.   Just 1/2 cup of broccoli a day protects from a number of cancers,… Continue Reading

Are organic vegetables worth the price?

The food is really expensive here in Finland, and if you buy organic, the bill gets even higher. After all, organic foods cost 10-40% more than non-organic foods. Our family spends a lot of money on organic food, and I often roll my eyes after hearing the total of our grocery bill. But I believe… Continue Reading

Immune Boosting Red Juice

        Since the weather has been super cold here in Finland for quite some time, I wanted to share my easy juicing recipe to boost immune system.   If you don’t have a juicer, you can always use my spinach berry smoothie recipe.   I’ve also discovered one little extraordinary trick that… Continue Reading

Detox Green Tea Drink

After eating way too much chocolate and other treats during the holidays, I wanted to create my own detox drink to help me get back on track. This detox green tea drink tastes really refreshing, and in my opinion, it doesn’t even need any added sweetener. If you wish to sweeten it up a little,… Continue Reading

Homemade Finnish Christmas drink, Glögi

  In Finland, we have a traditional Christmas drink called Glögi. I wanted to make if from scratch, so that I could avoid the refined sugar+ additives.     If you wish, you can add some red wine or vodka to the recipe. If you use alcohol, red wine is definitely one of the healthiest… Continue Reading

Gingerbread cookies(gluten free, vegan)

Who wouldn’t love gingerbread cookies? My kids are crazy about them. (Ok.. I like them too :D) The stores are starting the Christmas hype earlier each year, and my kids tend to get into the Christmas spirits already in November. They keep asking me if I could buy gingerbread cookies from the store whenever we’re… Continue Reading

Sea Buckthorn Chia Caramel Pudding

I visited Mahemarket in Tallinn, Estonia a month ago, and my daughter immediately wanted to order their Sea Buckthorn Chia pudding in their cafe. I got to try it a little bit, and it was so good!   I noticed that they sell Sea Buckthorn berries in our local Supermarket’s freezer section, and immediately thought… Continue Reading

Spinache Berry Smoothie

  Ginger is a stable in my diet due to it’s amazing health benefits. I listed a few of them here:     * Ginger soothes nausea and stomach upset. If you struggle with motion sickness or nausea (even from pregnancy nausea!),ginger is     something you should have on hand.   * Ginger is anti-inflammatory, making… Continue Reading

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