Hair Growth Promoting & Protectant Leave-In Spray


I’m in love with my new natural DIY Hair Growth Promoting & Protectant Leave-In Spray, so I wanted to share it on my blog. I’ve been using this spray on my kids’ hair (and for myself)  for a month now, and they like to spray it on their hair every day. We all love how it smells, and I love knowing that this spray also protects their hair from lice. 😀 (My girls got lice from school this Fall, and it was such a pain to get rid of them… )



I always try to come up with new natural alternatives to  chemicals, and after reading about the hair growth properties of the peppermint oil, I wanted to create my own “leave in-spray” for hair.

Peppermint oil is great for hair care as it gives a cooling effect to the head. It also removes dandruff and even lice. 🙂

Peppermint oil also Increases blood circulation to the scalp, so it promotes healthy hair growth. I feel like peppermint smells so refreshing that it energizes me in the morning.

Peppermint has a natural SPF 7, so it also protects your hair from sun rays.




Castor oil on the other hand is rich in vitamin E, ricinoleic acid and omega- 6 essential fatty acids. It accelerates blood circulation to the scalp and nourishes  the scalp, strengthens the roots and reduces split ends.

Castor oil should be cold-pressed and processed, 100% pure, virgin castor oil.




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So here’s my simple, yet effective Hair Growth Promoting&Protectant Leave-In Spray recipe:


* 1 cup spring water (or filtered water)

* 1 tbs castor oil

* 20 drops of peppermint oil


Mix castor oil and peppermint oil with Spring water, and put in a spray bottle. Enjoy your soft, nice smelling, gorgeous hair 🙂





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