Is this a missing link to overall good health?

We live in a world of positive ions: cell phone, laptop, tablet, television, cell phone towers, microwave etc. Basically anything with a power source that emits a signal, bluetooth, wifi, even electronics that don’t emit a signal still emit positive ions.

The planet has its own natural charge,negative ion field, and we have disconnected ourselves from it.  The earth is full of electrons and these electrons work like antioxidants, disarming the free radicals that age us.


Earth surface is negatively charged

Lightnings are striking somewhere on Earth all the time.  This helps charge the ground with a large source of electrons.

That’s why the Earth’s surface is negatively charged, or grounded, and that’s the reason why it’s a natural source of electrons for your body. When we’re grounded to the Earth, there is a transfer of free electrons into your body from the Earth itself.

Vitamin G


According to the authors of Earthing- the most important health discovery ever: ” Exposure to sunlight produces vitamin D in the body. It’s needed for health. Exposure to the ground provides an electrical `nutrient’ in the form of electrons. Think of these electrons as vitamin G–G for ground. Just like vitamin D, you need vitamin G for your health as well.” People have found relief from or improvement in pain, arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, wound healing , fibromyalgia, M.S. and many more ailments. Even children with autism improve in behavior, school work and social skills. Athletes have also improved their performance via grounding.





What is earthing/grounding?


Earthing means walking barefoot on soil, grass or sand (meaning: any natural surface)


Because all the minerals are found in sea water,and since your body contains mostly water, taking a dip in the sea creates a great earth connection.

A grassy area that is covered with morning dew is really good too. The moistness of the grass can enhance the conductivity between your feet and the ground.

You can also get grounded by walking barefoot on concrete, especially if the concrete is wet.

But you won’t get grounded by walking barefoot on asphalt or wooden decking material as they are insulators and will prevent the transfer of free electrons from the earth.



Go barefooting (ideally for 30 minutes daily)

Historically, people slept on the ground or in caves.


Our shoes separate us from the “energy and feeling” of the ground as the soles are not made of skin or leather. Rubber and plastic block the vital energy.

The only “shoe” that preserves our connection to the Earth is the original moccasin.

Even if you stand/sit/walk on the ground, it can be grass, soil or concrete for at least 30 minutes, the body is then able to start healing itself.

People cut off from the electrical current of the earth for long periods of time develop all sorts of problems which are reversed by grounding.


 Some benefits of Earthing:

1) Weigh loss
2) Eliminating chronic pain and the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders
3) Relieving muscle tension and headaches
4) lowering stress, feeling calmer
5) Improving blood pressure and flow
6) increasing energy
7) Improving sleep
8) Lessening hormonal and menstrual symptoms
9) Reducing jet lag

10) Healing of injurie

11) Enhanced immune system

12)Reduction of muscle loss with aging


Reduce positive ions in your home:

  • Mobile phones should be turned off at night or not be kept in the bedroom.
  • Alarm clocks which aren’t battery powered should be positioned at least 2 feet away from beds.
  • Turn off wifi at night.


Solution to all our ills?

We are all so disconnected from the earth’s magnetic field and polluted by dirty electricity from modern living that we’re getting sicker and sicker. Earthing could be the solution to all our ills.

It’s one of the best free supplements available. When we connect with the Earth, our body becomes suffused with negative-charged free electrons abundantly present on the surface of the Earth. Our modern way of life has created an electron deficiency in our bodies, thus disturbing both our immune system and all other body systems.

So go barefooting as much as possible and encourage your children to do the same. Also, try to reduce the use of cellphones, wifi etc.


Personally, I have noticed that my health has suffered a lot while I’ve been using cell phone and wi-fi. So I decided that I’m going to take a long break from instagram and blogging, and enjoy wifi free family-life as much as possible. Thank you so much for following this blog!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer! Remember to get your daily dose of vitamin D, and enjoy the beautiful nature! 🙂

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be back again…


Love always,



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