Coconut Water Fruit Popsicles

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Coconut Water Fruit Popsicles

A summer treat that is hydrating, nutritious, easy to make, pretty looking and delicious, sounds almost too good to be true. But here it is! Coconut Water Fruit Popsicles!
These popsicles won’t leave you feeling guilty and you’ll get to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!
This is a healthy and refreshing option for the store-bought sugary/artificially sweetened popsicles that are often loaded with preservatives and colorings.
Kids often don’t have the same “thirst sensors” as adults and need to be encouraged to take in more liquids on hot summer days. These homemade popsicles can help keep them hydrated and cool. So making your own frozen treats is a good idea.
You can use either frozen or fresh berries/ fruits. You can also pick any fruit or berry you’re craving.
Please, try to use bpa-free popsicle molds, if possible.


• blueberries
• strawberries(organic)
• mango
• kiwi
• coconut water(organic)



Cut up fruit, throw it in popsicle molds and fill them up with coconut water. Place the molds in the freezer for a few hours or until solid. Enjoy your perfect “hot day-treat”! 🙂

Tip: If you don’t find this recipe sweet enough, you can always add a little bit of honey (Manuka honey is great!), or stevia.
Another tip: Once your popsicles are ready to serve, run the bottom of the popsicle molds under warm water to help release them from the molds.



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